Psychotherapy & Counselling 

Psychotherapy and counselling play a vital role in our journey to wellness by providing a safe and supportive space where we can openly express our thoughts, emotions, and challenges. Sometimes, life's complexities can leave us feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or stuck, making it essential to have a professional who can listen attentively and guide us through the process of understanding and healing. A skilled therapist acts as a compassionate listener, helping us explore our feelings, uncover patterns, and gain insights into our experiences. Through this collaborative journey, we can develop a deeper understanding of ourselves, our relationships, and our choices. With their expertise, therapists offer valuable tools and coping strategies tailored to our individual needs, empowering us to navigate life's challenges and make positive changes. Investing in therapy is an investment in our mental and emotional well-being, providing us with the opportunity to heal, grow, and ultimately thrive.

Our therapist Michael provides a safe space and gentle but practical guidance to support you on your path to wellness. 

You can read more about the way he works with his clients here. 

Spiritual Support & Coaching

Amba offers one to one spiritual support online and in person. She calls on her coaching skills to deeply listen to and help you discover what it is you want to move toward in your spiritual life. She utilises her skills in inner relationship focusing to support you to deeply listen inwardly and honour both your hearts calling and whatever could be holding you back. 

You can read more about Amba here.


Reflexology for Emotional Wellness

Reflexology involves applying pressure to specific areas of the feet to stimulate a healing response. Reflex points on the feet correspond to various organs and systems in the body. By applying pressure to these reflex points, energetic blockages are released, allowing for a free flow of energy and a return to balance. Reflexology also engages with the body's energy meridians. By stimulating these meridians and encouraging the flow of chi (or life energy), it can help restore harmony and alleviate states of anxiety, overwhelm, and unbalanced emotions.

Reflexology often promotes increased energy, deep relaxation, a balanced mood, and a general sense of well-being. While it can be enjoyed as a one-time relaxing treatment, it is most effective when received as a series of sessions. This approach helps the body learn to sustain a balanced state, thereby supporting ongoing healing and well-being.